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Rewind’s green scheme

– March 30, 2019 –

This year we will be introducing Rewind’s Green Scheme, an initiative that aims to reduce our environmental impact and carbon footprint.

The campaign will focus on four main areas and will encourage staff and customers alike to get involved. We are all becoming more aware of how our actions have a huge impact on our natural world and by working together we hope to change this.

See below our actions for this year and how you can help to reduce, reuse and recycle!


Travel to and from the festival

Big green coach company

Around 80% of the total emissions from the festivals comes from audience and production travel (Show Must Go On Report, 2015). Although travel can sometimes be unavoidable, we are committed to lowering this through a number of ways:

Shared Coach Travel

Once again we have partnered with Big Green Coach, offering affordable shared coach travel from a number of locations in Scotland and Manchester. Plus for every customer that travels with BGC, they will sponsor 5sq ft of Amazonian Rainforest! Find out more on this great value service here.

Cycling to the festival

Bike racks will be available free of charge for those wishing to cycle to the festival – a perfect opportunity for day ticket holders to take in the beautiful views of the local area!


We understand that car travel is sometimes unavoidable, however, the more people in the car the lower the carbon footprint! If you’re driving to the festival either offer a lift to some more friends or match up with other Rewinders on GoCarShare and similar sites.

Staff Travel

During the year our team travel to a number of meetings and site visits. We’re always looking at the most efficient travel options and try to avoid driving at all times to reduce our carbon footprint.


Getting drastic on plastic

Beer being pulled into a cup at rewind festival 2018

Plastic pollution has a devastating effect on the environment and last year along with more than 60 independent festivals, we committed to eliminating single-use plastics onsite by 2021. This year we are implementing a number of steps in order for us to start reaching our goal and to deal with waste in a more responsible manner.

Cup deposit scheme

This year we’re introducing a cup deposit scheme with the aim of recycling more plastic than any other year! All drinks will have a 10p deposit included in the price of the drink, you can then take the cups back to the nominated cup return points to receive the deposit back!


Often the recycling in bins is too contaminated (i.e not separated) to be recycled efficiently, and some on occasions, may be sent to landfill. Waste in landfill releases harmful greenhouse gases and chemicals which then has a huge negative impact on the natural environment. By returning your cup to one of our designated cup return stations this means your cup is definitely getting recycled and not going to landfill.

How the scheme works:

• At the festival, customers will have 10p automatically added to the price of their drinks;

• When you have enjoyed your drink and you’re ready, please take your cup(s) to one of the nominated cup return points and receive your 10p back.

Traders going green

This year all traders have pledged the following:

• No single serve condiments;

• No polystyrene;

• Only biodegradable/recyclable serve wear, stirrers, cutlery and cups.

Bring a bottle

In 2017 it was reported that the average person in the UK will use on average 150 water bottles per year, so this year we’ll be encouraging customers & staff to bring a reusable bottle in order to reduce the number of plastic water bottles on site. There will be a number of additional water points across the site as well as free drinking water at all bars.


Managing food waste

Napolitan pizza being cut at rewind festival 2018

We do everything possible to avoid waste. To tackle surplus food and food waste we do collections from traders and campsites on Monday and give the food to a local surplus charity that redistributes the food to homeless hostels, children’s breakfast clubs, lunch clubs for older people, domestic violence refuges and community cafes.

How you can help:

• Food donation points. As standard festival policy, we do not allow customers to take their own food and drink into the arena. If you do have food on you, we will have food donation points located at our security search lanes where you can donate food you’re unable to take into the arena;

• We will also have a food donation point located in the campsite. If you have any leftover packaged food at the end of the festival you can leave it here and we will add it to our Monday collection.


Fabulously green with biodegradable glitter

Rewind festival 2018 attendees wearing glitter on their faces

Despite glitter being the perfect finishing touch to your festival outfit, the effects it has on the environment aren’t so beautiful. Glitter is made up of tiny pieces of reflective plastic called microplastic and is a huge danger for the environment. This year Rewind traders will only be selling biodegradable glitter, offering a plant-based alternative that naturally decomposes once it enters the soil, compost or wastewater whilst still keeping you looking festival fabulous!

How you can help:

• If you plan on bringing your own, make sure you do your research and purchase only biodegradable glitter;

• If you do wear glitter, remove with makeup remover and cotton pad (rather than a face wipe) and dispose of in the general waste bins provided.


Rewind’s planting project – see the 80s grow!

Trees at a musical festival in the united kingdom 2018

This year the team behind Rewind will be heading out after the festival season for a few days of planting trees in the local areas! Trees help the environment enormously, besides producing oxygen and removing carbon dioxide and contaminants from the air, they have many other environmental benefits which you can read more about here.

Further information on our planting project will be released after the event.

If you have any other ideas of things we could do to minimise the impact of a music festival on the environment, let us know by emailing us at

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