17-19 Jul, 2020
Scone Palace, Perth


Knee-slapping comedy is coming to Perth!

– April 3, 2019 –

Over the last few years, Rewinders have seen some brilliant acts, but this year we are stepping things up a notch!

We’re so excited to announce that this year, Scone Palace will play host to five of the biggest and funniest names in comedy, performing across the weekend on the Forever Stage.

So settle in and get ready for the laughs as we introduce the hilarious bunch of comics that will be performing across the weekend and share some of our favourite clips!


Phill Jupitus

“Us the British, we’ve been on this little rock, just off the coast of Europe in the middle of the Atlantic for F******G THOUSANDS OF YEARS and all we’re interested in is tea and biscuits.” 


“Someone said to me the other day, can you do accents? I said I’m doing one aren’t I..”

Fred MacAulay

“…I saw an establishment that was advertising LIVE NUDE GIRLS. Flashing lights. LIVE NUDE GIRLS. One of the other comedians found me looking at the sign, I was pondering, not whether to go in or not, f***k it, I’m thousands of miles away from home, that was a done deal…”

Christopher Macarthur-Boyd

“The reason I’m low is because my girlfriend left me about six months ago. I feel like I’ve lost a best friend…because that’s who she is seeing now.”

Emmanuel Sonubi

“I got heckled at this pub gig. The worst thing about this heckle is that I hadn’t even started my set. This guy at the back thought it would be f*****g hilarious to shout out ‘OI YOU THAT GUY FROM THE GREEN MILE? It’s just rude isn’t it, I look nothing like Tom Hanks.”

These five stellar comedians will be appearing on the Forever Stage at Rewind Scotland on the 20th & 21st July 2019 at Scone Palace. Don’t miss out – get your tickets here.

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