17-19 Jul, 2020
Scone Palace, Perth


Our Rewind Scotland 2019 Highlights

– August 12, 2019 –

Now the dust (and the mud) has settled after an unforgettable weekend in Scone, we take a look back at some of our highlights from this year’s Rewind.

Waiting for a Girl Like Lulu

Legendary rockers, and Rewind newcomers Foreigner, topped the bill on Saturday with an electrifying performance. Tracks such as Cold as Ice, Waiting for a Girl Like You, Juke Box Hero and Hot Blooded, took 15,000 of you on a musical journey back to your youth.

The band surprised us all when they brought Lulu back on stage for an incredible rendition of their classic song, I Want To Know What Love Is, inducing an audience-wide sing-along, a whole lot of cheering and created a moment we’ll never forget!


Kemp’ing the party going, all night long

Martin Kemp playing at Rewind Festival 2019

Any Rewinder worth their salt will know Martin Kemp and the influence he had over the 80s music scene. When we announced that the man himself will be taking over the Forever Tent on Friday night (after being unable to join us in Scotland in 2018) it was no surprise we were met with unprecedented levels of excitement!

Stepping up to the DJ decks in front of a packed-out audience, Martin Kemp mixed together anthem after anthem to keep the tent bouncing, the crowd singing and the party going, right through until the early hours of the morning.


I wondered why the disco ball was getting bigger. Then it hit me.

Audience laughing at Rewind Festival 2019

2019 brought with it a step-up in our comedy game. Comics such as Phill Jupitus, Jimeoin and local boys Fred MacAulay and Billy Kirkwood, all performed stellar stand-up routines which wouldn’t be out of place on a prime time television show (which coincidentally, they’re all used to!).

The puns were out in full force, and laughter was echoing around the Forever Tent – the comics really were some of the best we’ve ever seen!


A true golden buzzer moment

Rewind's Got Talent

Bryan Ferry. Foreigner. Lulu. Belinda Carlisle. The Stranglers. Martin Kemp. Yvonne Morrison. Can you pick the odd one out?

If you picked Yvonne Morrison, you’d be wrong! The correct answer was Martin Kemp, the only one who didn’t perform on this year’s Main Stage.

Yvonne’s incredible cover of Highway to Hell didn’t happen by chance either; she wowed crowds and the judges at Friday night‘s Rewind’s Got Talent, to lift the trophy as our maiden winner.

Along with tickets to Rewind 2020, her prize included a slot on the Main Stage, which as any artist will tell you, is no mean feat. Performing in front of thousands of Rewinders, Yvonne came across as a seasoned professional and boy did she get the crowd going!


Don’t Stop the Dance

Bryan Ferry at Rewind Festival 2019

Delivering a knock-out performance as Sunday night’s headliner, Bryan Ferry became the living embodiment of our mantra, Music is Forever. The Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame legend made his Rewind debut with a set so mighty, it got everyone up on their feet and grooving along to the beat.

Playing all the classics (Jealous Guy, Slave to Love, Love is The Drug and Don’t Stop the Dance, to name just a few) Bryan Ferry’s set will, without doubt, go down in Rewind history as one of the best we’ve ever seen.


About last night

Bagpiper at Rewind Festival 2019

Following any artist on the Main Stage is a tall order, but even more so when it’s Bryan Ferry. Alex, our resident bagpiper did not disappoint! With a (very) deep breath he stepped onto the stage to sign off Rewind Scotland 2019. 

With Scotland the Brave bellowing out across the grounds of Scone Palace and fireworks illuminating the night sky, it was a perfect way to bring Rewind Scotland 2019 to a close.


Roll on 2020…

It’s impossible to put it all into words, but Rewind Scotland 2019 was simply the best. Thank you to everyone that made Rewind part of your summer and we can’t wait to get started on plans for 2020!


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