17-19 Jul, 2020
Scone Palace, Perth

Main Stage / Sunday


Bryan Ferry is one of the most iconic and innovative singers and lyricists in popular music, with an original vocal brilliance of breathtaking elegance.

While studying Fine Art at the end of the 1960s he met the founder of British Pop Art, Richard Hamilton, whose influence and inspiration would inform Ferry’s artistic vision. “My earliest writings and recordings with Roxy Music,” he explains, “were a direct attempt to combine my love of music with the creative possibilities and ideas that I had learned from Fine Art.” Ferry makes every song entirely his own. His vocal style brings a whole world to life, making each song a dramatic performance, achieving a perfect tension between languor and melodrama to create high romance.

Throughout the 1990s to the present day, Ferry has continued his work on covers that he has made entirely his own. He endlessly refines his work, through recording and performance, often describing the emotional theatre of romance from the perspective of a loner and an outsider, describing love and loneliness, luxury and isolation. He is the great anatomist of glamour.



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