17-19 Jul, 2020
Scone Palace, Perth

Main Stage / Sunday


The Stranglers formed as the Guildford Stranglers in the southern England village of Chiddingfold in 1974, plowing a heavily Doors-influenced furrow through the local pub rock scene — such as it was.

It was 1975 before they ventured into even the London suburbs, although once there — and having shortened their name to the less parochial Stranglers — things began moving quickly. The established pub rock scene was dying and promoters were willing to give any unknown band a break, simply to try and establish a new hierarchy. Thus it was that as the first stirrings of punk began to make their own presence felt on the same circuit, the Stranglers were on board the bandwagon from the beginning.

By mid-1976 the Stranglers already had enough force behind them to be booked as opening act at the Ramones’ first London show, and Mark P., editor of the newly launched punk fanzine Sniffin’ Glue, conferred further punk approval on the band when he wrote, “their sound is 1976…the Stranglers are a pleasure to boogie to — sometimes they sound like the Doors, other times like Television, but they’ve got an ID of their own.”



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