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Terms and conditions
Please click HERE for our full terms and conditions.

Age restrictions

We welcome people of all ages to Rewind and want to share the fun with all the family but anyone aged 17 or under must be accompanied by a guardian who is 21 or over. Guardianship forms can be completed before arriving (these will be emailed to all customers who purchased youth or child tickets). These can be exchanged at our Welfare facility for a specific wristband, so your youth or child can be identified if you become separated and contacted at all times. These forms will also be available from Welfare to be filled in on the day.

Please remember to bring identification to the festival if you appear under 18 and are coming to the festival without an over 21 year old, otherwise you may be denied entry to the event. Acceptable forms of identification are B Line cards, passports, driving licences and Citizenship cards.

Camping at Rewind

Our campsite pitches aren't allocated - so as they say, it's first come, first served! We have room for all of you but the earlier you get there the better. We do have to fit everyone in our campsite, so please try to be fair and pitch your tents appropriately, so everyone can have their fair share of space.

We do allow additional structures (besides your tent) but these are limited to a maximum of 3x3m per party and you may be asked to remove these if we feel that they are an obstruction or a health and safety risk, for example, in high winds.

Please do not camp in our fire lanes, they are lovingly mown by our festival team, to make sure that we keep your camping experience as safe as possible.

Info & welfare points

There is security on site 24 hours a day throughout the festival, as well as a presence from Police Scotland to make sure everything runs as safely as possible. If you or someone around you needs help, they’ll be readily available.

There are Welfare, First Aid and Info points across the festival, all of which are signposted. It is recommended that you familiarise yourself with the site map at the end of this guide in case of an emergency. On hand if you want quiet space, a place to baby change and breastfeed, time to chill, need to find a friend or want to know where things are or when your favourite act is on stage then pop in and see the friendly team, located in the Village Green.

We have also have information points located in the general campsite and campervan areas, with staff there to answer your questions and help you to find the facilities you need.


We know it's nice to bring all your home comforts, phones, tablets, house keys - but are they really all necessary?

Keep valuables to a minimum and please don't leave them unattended during the festival. We have Locker facilities at each of our sites, so you can store your belongings safely throughout the event if you feel you need to bring them with you.

Gas & cooking

We are happy for you to bring a gas stove as long as the canister is under 600g. You can bring more than one, but please store them carefully and ensure that any and all gas stoves are completely turned off and dismantled whenever unattended or while you sleep. Cooking inside tents is not safe, can lead to fire safety issues and carbon monoxide can kill; please ensure you cook outside your tents.

Following advice from our fire safety team, BBQs are not permitted at Rewind festival this year.

Festival essentials

Whether you've been to every Rewind or this is your first time, here's a handy list of essentials that we think are festival must haves...

  • Your ticket or e-ticket
  • ID
  • Waterproofs and lots of layers of clothing
  • Fancy dress!
  • Something tartan...
  • Sunscreen
  • Refillable bottle
  • Quality tent and camping gear (we love a pillow!)
  • Wellies, boots or footwear to keep you dancing
  • Medications
  • Tissues
  • Head torch or lantern
  • Warm socks!
  • Sunglasses and a hat!
  • Chargers
  • A bumbag
  • Bin bags (for your dirty socks!)
  • Bank Card
  • Hand sanitiser

Money on site

This year at Rewind, we will be completely cashless. All you need to bring is your card/phone, tap and party!

Dress sense

Make sure you bring enough clothes and footwear for all weathers. Even on sunny days, the evenings can be cold. Watch out for sunburn (even on a cloudy day!) and if it is a rainy weekend, be sure to bring some waterproofs to make sure you stay warm and dry.

Stay hydrated

We have dedicated water points located around the festival site, please be sure to bring a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated all weekend! Please note that all sealed water bottles will not be allowed into the festival site and confiscated before entry.

Pace yourself

With alcohol or anything else that you consume over the weekend (that goes for Churros too!). Try to avoid getting too intoxicated in unfamiliar situations. You can lose control or make risky decisions. Alcohol and other drugs can impair your judgement.

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